Truly Vengeance?

Darkness always follows me,
Between the lines,
Beneath the lies.
No one else can feel it,
No one else can see it.
My past,
Screams at me,
Draining my happiness.
Not that I ever had any of the precious gift.
I only have life.
And such a bitter gift it is.
Sins which we mucs repent for,
Evil bastards lurking in the shadows.
Life gives you freedom,
And I have yet to see it.
Entity gives you choice.
Something that leers,
Out of my grasp.
Too many lessons to learn,
And "No one ever said life was fair..."
Yet we strive to be just.
Nothing is ever to be fulfilled.
Demons that have hidden within me for so long finally come and chase me.
These things,
No on else will acknowledge.
My sins want me to rot for eternity.
Hot wax spills acrosee my skin,
Melting the flesh,
Corroding its way to my heart.
My tears run dry,
As screams no longer rip my throat.
The molten wax seeped into my lungs.
The demons sigh.
Their destines fulfilled.
To kill the evil one.