By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Seventh day of the month of November that a group of Baldwin Wallace students had drove themselves over to an old house on an old dirt road,got out of their cars and walked themselves up to the one place that had looked like it was right out of the nightmares of one certain master of horror named Stephen King.

After they've all stopped at the foot of the front porch steps,one of them named Brandon Neilsen had placed himself in front of the others,allowed a smile to appear on his lips and said,"Welcome,my good friends!Welcome to Hell Night!Tonight,it's my turn to issue the challenge to you,which happens to be for all of us to spend the entire night in this old wreck known as the Candleberg house!If all of us is still in the house come tomorrow morning,we'll have the honor of being named the greatest frat house on the entire Baldwin Wallace campus!If even one of you isn't still in the house by daybreak,that one coward would have no other choice,but to suffer the annual wintertime hazing!Okay,people!Let's go check ourselves in!"

And then,after they've walked into the house and placed their bags into their rooms,Brandon and his best friend named Jeff Bateman had walked into the palor and started playing a game of pool together.

"So,what are we going to do to those twinkies tonight,my friend?",asked a smiling Jeff,while he was setting the balls up for another game."What type of ghostly terror do you have planned for them?"

"Why that's quite simple,Jeff.",answered Brandon,while going over some of the books in the room."We just fool around with the fuse box and bang on a few pots and pans.That'll get at least one of those dumbasses to go running and screaming into the night."

Just then,while the two were laughing their heads off,one of the other guests named Catherine Weizberg was sitting inside her room and reading a novel of supernatural romance,unaware that a mysterious pair of eyes has been watching her ever since she had entered the room.

About a minute later,after she had let out a lawn and realized that it was time for her to get some sleep,she had placed the book on the endtable,turned off the lights and went to sleep,only to have that same mysterious force place itself next to the unsuspecting Catherine,place its ghostly hand on her thigh and blow its hot breath on the nape of her neck.

And after she had started felling the sensation of pure and untamed erotica overtake her,Catherine had allowed a smile to appear on her lips,rolled herself over and opened her eyes to look at her newfound lover,only to have the look on her face change to that of pure shock,for she had found herself face to face with the ghost of Alexander Candleberg himself.

And then,just as she was about to scream bloody murder,Candleberg's ghost had shoved the pillow over Catherine's face and began to smother her to death--and even though she had tried as hard as she could to free herself from the spirit's deadly grasp,it was no use for after the pillow was finally removed from her face,Catherine Weizberg was dead.

The only problem was that both Brandon and Jeff were way too busy with their Hell Night prank to even notice what had just happened to her.

But someone in the house has noticed them,for while Jeff was banging on the pots and pans,Brandon had shut off the fuse box,only to notice that he was unable to turn it back on,thus causing him to open the fuse box and start tinking with it.

But after he had placed his hand inside the fuse box,a sudden massive electrical charge had caused each and every part of his body to experience one hell of a short circuit.

And when Jeff had turned around and noticed his friends electricuted corpse on the floor,a sudden chill had ran up and down his spine,for he had suddenly realized that the ghostly legend of the Candleberg house was for real and he had to get himself and the others out of there before it was too late.

He had ran up to Catherine's room to tell her what had happened to Brandon and ask for her help in getting the others out of the house,only to discover her dead body on the bed and make him realize that he has to get the others out of the house on his own.

But just as he was about to do so,the door had suddenly slammed itself shut behind him,causing him to notice that he wasn't the only one inside the room.

And then,after Candleberg's ghost has appeared before his eyes,an enraged Jeff has grabbed the endtable,raised it over his head and yelled,"OKAY,YOU SON OF A BITCH!YOU WANT TO GET YOUR ASS KICKED?!THEN,ALLOW ME TO OBLIEGE!"

But after he had let out a loud battlecry and charged himself towards the evil spectre,the phantom has disappeared and reappeared behind him,just before it had taken the lamp cord,wrapped it around Jeff's throat and began to strangle him to death with it.

The very next day,Mr. Handley,the caretaker of the Candleberg house has just arrived to check on the Baldwin Wallace students to see if they were alright,only to have the look on his face change to that of pure shock,for he had looked into each and every room and saw each and every one of the students dead at the hands on evil phantom known as the Candleberg spectre.