A/N I know some may hate this giant twist to the star wars universe thingy, but this is the tale that has lived inside my mind for six years, slowly developing itself and it has finally come down to this. I hope you enjoy as I find it really hard to put down words. Thank You for your time!


"Greetings, I am Zora, the protector of this realm, but you can call me the Huntress if you wish. I am a Zematron Jedi Master of this Universe, one of millions, all of which are female. However you will only see a selected few in your life time, if you are lucky, though you would never know it when we pass you by in the streets.
"We are not like the Jedi. We are half immortals. We do not grow old, be we do continue to live on until we are slain. I am a different matter. I am gifted and cursed with Immortality. Oh yes, it is a curse. Over the many years I have watched my companions suffer and die at the hands of the enemy. Anger and sorrow is what lulls me to sleep at night. However, I cannot turn to the dark side.
"The Dark Side is beyond us. We have greater power than any in the universe, and the Dark Side takes that away. Unlike Sith, we know the truth behind the shadow. They do not know what they are toying with, the evil behind the darkness. But we do. But not all of us are safe from its tempting pull. A few of us have fallen.
"Within the Zematron Jedi there are many factions, as you may guess by my attire, I am a Sith Slayer, the leader of the Slayers known as the Huntress. There are seven Slayers in total, they take orders from me, and I take orders from the Jedi Valley.
"We do not exist in this universe alone. Force activated portals lead to many other millions of realms in which we protect. Even I have had the chance to cross universes time to time to save a realm from total destruction.
"The Jedi do not know we exist. At least they did not a couple centuries ago, but because of the current events, we have had to reveal ourselves to the New Jedi Order, and put things back in place, but by doing so we have awakened the dark lord Saron, the lord of the dark side.
"Now he has sent his dark minions across the galaxy and tries to pull hundreds of worlds down to their doom. He attacks us relentlessly, and continually seeks out my only weakness-The Water of Life.
"Only one had ever known I existed. Only one Jedi knew the truth about the force. He was known as Qui-Gunn Jinn, he believed in the living force, and that my friend, is what I am. However no Jedi believed in his 'crazy' ideals, and so he eventually died with that knowledge and it was buried under ashes.
"I am the force, the creator and power of this realm, but that does not mean I am all powerful and knowing. A piece of me can never be whole, and when it does, there is only one way for it to be reversed, and no evil would dare to stand against me when that happens.
"Much evil crawls through these streets. I and my Sith Slayers are sent to destroy it. The Dark Jedi are nothing. It is the power behind them that can scare even the strong ones of us. If it where ever to be released, then the Dark War would begin, and the fate of this galaxy would rest in my hands, for I alone can stand up against him.
"Because of the critical, fragile condition of the New Republic, I and the Summoners had to bring back many Jedi from old. Among them was Mace Windu, Qui-Gunn Gin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
"An unspeakable evil is stirring, and with it has come new enemies, even with my powers, I was not able to see it coming. Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master and creator of the New Jedi Order had long searched for a way to defeat it. Flying through uncharted space, and had found the planet Vergora, the heart of the Zematron Organization. It is home to the Silver Tower, where the Zematron Jedi Council meets.
"This is my curse, this is my destiny, to remake what was destroyed-to make this galaxy a home again."