Oh I once was here before
My eyes were on the door
You mentioned something relevant
It came as a surprise
And I did all that I could
But I was misunderstood
My acquiescence made you cry
And somehow I was shamed

But I never thought
That I'd be back again

And the things that you had said
They went right through my head
You thought I was a bastard, but
I knew I was your friend
You never seemed to know
The lengths to which I would go
But I made you such an offer
And how could you refuse?

And I never thought
That I would be alone


Oh, I remember how your eyes
They covered up your lies
A hidden word, a wounded heart
And suddenly a name
I turned around and saw you
Was there anything to do?
All this time that I had been all yours
You'd really got to me

And I never thought
That you'd bring me down again

But I'm still crying...
I'm still crying
(to end)