Every once in a while,
Comes across that person,
That person who can change anything,
From bad to good,
From tears to smiles,
From screams to laughter.

Every once in a while,
That person helps us through,
Without complaint,
Without thought for themselves,
And never with the contemplation,
To leave you alone.

Every once in a while,
Is slowly turning into never,
Every once in a while,
They will pass you by,
And you won't even perceive.

Soon they will diminish,
And you shall be left alone,
Without help,
Without confidence,
And without that person to save you.

Soon they shall fall themselves,
Into a pool of turmoil that they've created,
In your problems they shall drown,
And in your sufferings they'll cry,
Yet they still won't ask for help.

For their priority in life,
Is to walk you through yours,
They shall hold your hand when needed.
And carry you when the journey,
Becomes too hard to walk.

Every once in a while,
A person shall walk through your life,
Unnoticed and won't ask to be thanked,
And it's when they have left that you shall see,
That person has just saved your life.

Every once in a while,
You shall go on with your life,
And you shall look back,
And see the memory of a face,
That has helped you no matter what.

By Siobhan

Date: 9/November/2004