It started with a slip, actually -
A stumble, my footing lost and
all of a sudden, your arm around mine
steadying me; 'Careful now.'
was on your lips, and that smile
of sugar in your shining eyes.
Love, I'd tasted it before
It was bitter, sometimes sweet but
mostly harsh to the tongue
I kept telling myself it was only
false hope, destined to be dashed
into broken shards, or shapeless bits
of little nothings, like the crushed nuts
on the sundae we shared, perhaps?
That night, well into morning
when you bared the very depths
of your lovelorn heart, spilling
forth your bottled-up longing.
I listened to you for what seemed
like hours, watching your lips move
without that smile; my gaze was locked
onto your eyes, deadened in a way
by sorrow. But I listened, listened
as you talked about her.
Now, I pick up the fragments
of a hope that never was.
I piece that blissful fantasy back
together; and yet I know all too well
how it will only shatter once more
when I see you look her way.
01:14:45 a.m.