A lesson in a history class a couple of weeks ago inspired this story. Got a vagueish plot line done but still not exactly sure where I'm going with it. Any inspiration EXTREMELY welcome. Review if you please. Merci.

Chapter One

The cloaked man prowled the suburban streets. No ordinary street either, strictly a street of upstanding upper class gentlemen and their families. Architecurely beautiful houses with names like Lilybank and Willowdale. Townhouses, temporary releases from the countryside. He knew what he was there to find though. Approaching an upstanding house whose gate post proclaimed it to be "Ivy Way". It was dark and a cold November evening, the moon was currently hidden behind a cloud so he would not be seen. Besides, the women had long retired to their rooms and the men if they too had not headed the same way, were probably enjoying a late night whiskey or rum

He headed up the sloping wide pathway, past the stables and round to the rear of the house. Two rooms radiated light from them. One, a bright light, obviously from the drawing room and where the men had congregated for their late night drinks. The other rooms light was dimmer and that was one he headed to.

Luckily, a rather large Oak Tree shadowed the room so he was able to slip beside it and view the goings on in the room. Lit by an oil lamp that only radiated a weak light throughout the room, which had two occupants. One was a man, a young man perhaps in his early twenties, dark haired and dressed in a black suit. The other, was a girl. Perhaps a young lady although in the light, she did look young. She sat on a high backed chair, both her hands placed in his. She stood up, and walked to the window. The man hide behind the tree but still so he could see her. He was right about her looking young because she clearly was but beautiful with it. She had a mane of dark brown hair, falling down her back in loose curls. He could not tell the colour of her eyes but her skin was pale, although not porclein pale as was fashionable. She wore a dark purple crinoline hooped dress, such a strange colour for one so young. She then moved over to the young and they embraced for a moment before breaking into a passionate kiss. It seemed to be a goodbye kiss for after this, he left and she aimlessly wandered over to the fireplace and then collapsed into a chair, hugging her arms around herself and smiling in delight. The man had seen all he needed to, his misson was complete, he left.