The Wrath of Hell

This is a tale of death and sorrow. A tale of two brothers, foes, who were once the best of friends until a woman came into their lives. This is their story.

The year is that of 1621 a day in which a mighty ball took place in honor of the coming of age of the king's two sons, Alric and Cedric.

"Attention.Attention!" the king said as he raised the hand that rested momentarily on the queen's knee.
"To my sons on the day of which they finally become men!" He tipped his glass slightly towards the two men sitting on the opposite end of the dining table.
The crowd began cheering as the two princes took their places by their father's side.
"Now, for my gifts to you. Cedric, since you're the oldest, I present with this slave maiden from Constantinople. As for Alric, I present you with this sword for the many wars that you shall fight and win in the future." At that, the king kissed his sons and took to his seat by his queen.
Alric stood in awe at the slave given to his brother. She had the skin of a dove and her eyes had the sparkle of a shimmering pool of water. Her hair was a blond that touched her thighs. Sullenly, she gazed at the tiles of the floor. As for Cedric, well he was too proud to notice anything except that she was a beauty. Instead of walking back to his place by his father, he took the slave by her wrist and led her out of the room. A few guests began to chuckle and the king laughed.

"Someone's in a hurry…"

The rest of the night went by slow. It seemed like an eternity to Alric who could only think of the girl. When the ball ended, the king and queen took to their chambers while Alric paced outside of his. He had never felt this way before about anyone, ever! So what was so special about this slave? He jerked as the door to his brother's chambers creaked open and Cedric came out.
"Aah, brother, you're still awake."
"This night has been the best ever! She is great! I've never met any one woman as beautiful as she in my entire life!"
"Aai, she is a beaut."
"Aah, don't worry little brother, you'll find someone someday. In the meantime while you pace, I shall go pest the cooks about some food. I'm starved. After a night with!" Cedric said as he walked off holding onto his back.

Unnoticed by me, my fists were clenching until my knuckles turned white.