One Tear for Three

Prince Alric looked up to see the king Cedric on a hilltop, sword drawn and everything. The sky was a black and rain began to fall. Alric, clutching his sword as tight as possible, slowly approached. Cedric was holding someone in his grasp, the sword pointed at its throat.
He neared slowly, cautiously, when Cedric spoke in hysteria.
"Stop fool! I have something that I know you hold dear in my grasp. Just one move and all will be lost. What do you think? Should I just end your wretched and treacherous life Diantha?"
The light from the fire illuminated her face to full view.
"Diantha. but how?"
"I have my ways."
"Let her go you bastard." He said stepping closer.
"Tut, tut! One more move I swear..!"
He froze in all his glory as he stared in confounded horror at his beloved in the hands of his crazed brother. His face drained of all its color when Cedric all too gently sliced the neck of the woman. Racing forward, he lunged at Cedric and sliced off the head of the once loved brother as a sword plunged into his very own chest. Stumbling, he walked over to where his beloved Diantha lay clutching her throat and gasping for air. He cupped her head in his arms as a single tear dropped from her eyes and her hand fell. She was dead. He lost everything, his love and his brother. He was dying too. Just a matter of time.
Alric slowly pulled the sword from his chest and screamed in agony. He then lay down by his beloved, and put his arms around her figure, burying his head in her chest and waited as everything grew cloudy and darkness over came him. The end result was the surcease of all malice.