Glistening in the fading sunlight of dusk,

The stripes-

Purple, red, orange, yellow-

Of the sky.

Cotton candy blinking signs,

Glowing aura of this surreal city.

Eyes closed transports

Her to crashing waves

Sugary sand

And soft breezes

To silky, blue dresses

And no one but him and her,

You and I

Standing along- together

Apart- beside one another

The sea will swallow them,

Her seashell necklace,

His salty breath.

The foam chokes the striking blue

Of the ocean.

The night covers them with her cape

Of darkness, stamping out the light

The moon smiles down

From high above

And the stars come out to play

She dances, sings- her voice floating

To the bubble gum pink lights

Of the casino city in the distance.