Author: Sparkle Itamashii

Title: Adrift

Warnings: Respect the rating. Raw writing- an attempt to plow through and write 50,000 words in 30 days without revisions. Be kind.

Claimer: This is my entry for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month, see their web page at: www dot nanowrimo dot org). This story and its plot, characters, and settings are MINE. Please do not take or distribute without permission.


            When I left all those years ago I'd thought I knew what I was doing. I'd thought I knew what the world was about and that I was ready for it. I'd thought there was nothing I couldn't handle, nothing that could take me by surprise. Sure, I'd heard the stories. I'd been up many a night listening to tales of ponds of salty water so large no one had seen the other side, fierce creatures full of sharp teeth and hooked talons, and houses that floated on water as if they weighed nothing. Of course I hadn't believed them, really. How could I? They were told by the large mouths, the fish that were well known for telling tall tales just to get attention. I'd thought there was no way any of them were actually telling the truth.

            I've never been so wrong in my life.

            Not that I could have known, seeing as I'd never been outside my pond. Before I left I'd never even played in the river with the others, when they ventured away from our pond. After I left, though, I got to really thinking about it, about what was out there beyond my home. Were the large mouths right? Were those things real or were they stories, created by a bored mind in the dead of night when sleep escaped them?

            There was only one way to find out, however dangerous it seemed.

            I didn't have a particularly large amount of faith in myself. Maybe if I'd left of my own accord or if I'd known where I was going and how to get back, I might have had more confidence. But I was just one, little pond dragon, scared and lost in a completely alien world. I was young; youngest in my school, actually. There was no way I was ready to handle a world where the least of my problems was that everything bigger than me thought I would make a nice lunch- which wouldn't have been a problem at all if just about everything I met hadn't been bigger than me.

            So what was I doing out there, on my own? Why did I leave my safe, comfy, water-treated pond? Why put myself in a position to get eaten?

            I hadn't had a choice.

/End Prologue, Adrift/

Chapter Word-count: 383

Total Word-count: 383/50,000