My Abyss

Everythings spinning.
The world is falling
Into a black abyss.
I thought that he was supposed to help,
To be there for me when
I really needed him.

Days of joy turn
To dispare,
Smiles turning to frowns.
I can't seem to escape,
To break through
Or express myself.

Hopes are becoming lost,
Lost so I can't find them anymore.
My friends are there,
Helping me and trying their best;
But it's not enough.

Words never work,
Always becoming twisted until
They make no sense to me.
Like new words,
Ones I can't understand.

I try, so hard
To make everything alright
But I can't.

Why do these problems
Become such a burden to me?
So simple yet
So powerful.

I don't think I can escape
Or turn away.
The abyss is coming,
And I'm becoming lost in it.