"An Elegiac Lament For Youthful Ideals"
If time is merely circumstance,
And love is the rhyme & reason we dance,
Why must I feel unstable?
The Answer?
I'm more than able -
Bodied and Minded to mind my heart,
When it comes to neglection from finish to start.

They say if you do it -
Do it right the first time!
And when it came to neglection,
I was able to climb,
Climb so high,
I must have been high,
To throw you to the side and prepare my good-bye's.

And as I hit the end,
I let out a final sigh...

Reaching the realization I could no longer think with my dick,
It felt like a pinprick,
To my psyche -
Letting it bleed,
Letting it be,
And washing away that sting to my less than stellar sex-life,
Less than stellar drive to get my mind out of the cellar,
To save our cells...
If only I could do it through cellular telephone,
I would come across less phony,
Something admirable at the end of the road,

We will have to settle for this last climax to end anti-climactically,
Something I'm not proud of but something that has to be...

To be discontinued...