A Longing Heart

I long in the dark for you
The one who rekindles me
My savior and redemption

But you try so hard
To forget the times we had together
You don't want to savior those sweet moments

You'd rather deny my heart
Throw me to the dogs
But I won't let you, you see
You'll pay for hurting me

So I'll flip reality
To get you to see
How much I care
What I see

You'll learn that fantasies are real
Just believe
You'll learn that princes and kings exist
And one of them is me

You'll rekindle my fire
As I do yours
You'll save me from oppression
As I save you

We'll be together
Not long at all
For it's forever
With me giving my all

And for now I'm left longing
In darkness' sweet song
Waiting for you to see
The reality in reality