That's what I am
Of course
Can't forget that
Oh yea, we all know

Rejection is a mystery
I am scared for me
Scared for people hating
Scared to hurt some more

Don't people understand?
That in this land
We are free
Free to be
Who we are
Free to see
What we think

But there is pressure
To do what others do
To be as others are
And so we are still not free
We are still followers

But what of those who don't follow?
What of them?

That frightens me
All I want is to be me
But I never am
Because of rejection

People don't accept others
Because they are not like them
People think that the world is one way
When it is always another

So why do I shy away?
Why do I be afraid?
Because of rejection

I am wary of others
Because of rejection

I am scared of others
Because of rejection

I am hurt by others
Because of rejection

I shy away at the closet contact
Of another being
Surround myself with fantasies
That never will be
Because of rejection
Because I am afraid of rejection

You hear all around what is and is not acceptable
You hear accounts of what is to be
By why do we think that?
Why do we say this is that?
Because of rejection

We don't make up our own minds
We follow those of others
We are drones in one colony
Following others

We are not our own person
We are not our own mind
We are not ourselves amongst others
Because of rejection

That is why I shy away
At closest contact of another
That is why I surround myself
In fantasies that never will be

That is why I find myself
Thinking about my fears
Thinking about my doubts
Thinking about my tears

It is all because I am afraid
For one small simple thing
Because I can't comprehend people
Because of rejection

I am afraid
Of rejection