Childlike broken

She cried those elfin tears
From eyes too bold to see
She said those adult words
From cherub lips aquiver with fear
And something else
All the more disconcerting

And then she laughed
Stealing my soul
freezing my blood twice over
While those tears so cold
Slide down my cheek
Carving their way into my flesh
Dripping red onto my blouse

So where are we now
Somewhere beyond the real
In another place all together different from what we know

But it seems she was born to this world
That shadow which she cast
That never matched her childlike meter
Which towered large above the surface of her
Seems to engulf this plane
And she too has grown
Into the voice which speaks
Into the eyes which cried those poison tears
Shattering my comfort like daggers
To my shocked and faltering heart
Laboriously racing to my aide
With half heated bursts of insight
And fleeting glimpses of potentiality

This is where she belongs
Amongst silent prying eyes
Larger than life
Stealing the joy from my soul absently
As if picking daises from a flower bed
While I gasp and cry for mercy
As she did in my world
On my plane
On my terms
Where she was a child
Now I speak as one
Clawing at my throat to spit these flaming words
Desperately needing to be understood

Now she smiling bitterly
Now she raising a hand to my face
Now she gorging out my sightless eyes that see as a child should see
Now she releasing me to fall doomed into despair
Till I awaken shaken and bruised by my own hand
My bed sheets torn and soiled

And She?
Where she belongs
here amongst the stars