A/N: I am aware that I have a... different way of writing poetry. Nothing rhymes. It's in a different style/format, so I've been told. Maybe it's not exactly poetry. And I also know that, for some or maybe all of it, I don't use metaphors. I tell, instead of show. But at the time I wrote this, a year ago when I was depressed, I wanted to tell people. I just... didn't know how to except in the form of writing. And I do not, and never wanted, pity. I'm not saying my life's the worst and that I deserve pity or anything. I just wrote because it helped me feel better. I just wanted to make that clear. The last people to see my work accused me of wanting pity and thinking my life was the worst. No. Not at all. Anyways, read and review? If no one likes it, I'll take it down.

I can feel the darkness,
feel it pulling me
pulling me down.
It wants me
wants to contol me
dominate me
devour me.
I can feel it pulling me
pulling me down into it.
I'm trying to resist
trying hard
but it's too hard.
The darkness feels so. . . inviting
so good.
An end of the nightmare
the torment
the pain.
Why am I resisting. . .?
Why not fall into it?
into the oblivion?
Help me
I'm falling
falling into the darkness
falling forever.
Where are the lights?
The lights that should help me
save me.
There they are but they're dim
far away.
I'm pushing them away.
The lights are being shut off.
Help me
I'm falling.

A/N: And yeah, I know I have a few stories that need updating. Thing is, when i moved I left my story files in my old computer, which is with my mom, and have no way of getting the chapters I had been working on. I'll try...