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A light hand brushed away grey locks as the owner surveyed his surroundings with golden orbs. Yasuo sighed and shifted the weight of his pack on his shoulder as he moved forward.

It was the start of a new year for the sixteen year old boy and he had been forced from the comfort of his bed to attend the first day of school.

He began the dreaded march toward the front gates, passing fellow students trying to slow the inevitable. 

"Hey Yasuo!" A cheery voice called, the happy tone clashing with the dreary atmosphere.

The thin boy turned to see a tall girl dressed in a similar uniform running toward him, waving her hand enthusiastically.

He smiled and paused in his gait. "Hi Miki." He greeted as she neared him.

The long haired brunette smiled at her best friend and tapped him on the shoulder playfully. "You weren't going to go inside all by yourself were you? We had plans to meet remember?"

Yasuo grinned. "I was waiting but I didn't see you." He winked. "Didn't want to be late for class."

Miki smiled. "Oh Yasu, you wouldn't be late, we still have twenty minutes." She laughed.

Yasuo nodded. "True." He frowned and glanced around them. "Hey, where's your brother?" He asked curiously.

The girl sighed dramatically. "That lazy bum?" She winked. "I ditched him because he was taking forever to get ready."

"He's going to be mad when he gets here." Yasuo pointed out.

Miki shrugged. "His fault. Do you know how long it takes for him to do his hair?!" She demanded.

"Thirty minutes." A deep voice said behind the girl.

Yasuo smiled as the long haired boy came forward to stand beside his twin.

"Reizo, you made it." Miki rolled her eyes.

The blue eyed teen frowned. "No thanks to you, I told you I was coming."

"Well I didn't feel like waiting for Christmas." She retorted.

"Now, now you two, we want to start off the new year as friends, not enemies." Yasuo laughed at the siblings.

Two pairs of blue orbs turned to glare at the boy and Yasuo held up his hands defensively. "Just trying to help."

Reizo cracked a grin and nodded. "I can't stay mad at you Yasuo."

Miki threw an arm around her brother's shoulder and grinned at her friend also. "Neither can I. Plus you're right, it was just a trivial little thing." She moved away from Reizo.

"I had to walk to school myself." Reizo retorted.

Miki waved away his complaint. "It's not like you don't have some mob of drooling girls to walk with."

Yasuo perked up. "Speaking of which, how is your band doing?" He asked curiously.

This seemed to set Reizo off, he smiled brightly at the younger boy. "It's going really great! We already have a gig in about two months." He informed proudly.

Yasuo frowned. "Isn't that a long time to wait?" He pointed out.

Reizo sighed. "Well yeah, but the place we're performing at was booked, and that's the only available opening for a while." He shrugged. "Hey, I'm happy we got a shot at all."

Yasuo nodded. "That's true."

Miki sighed. "Boys, can we talk about something else?"

They blinked in surprise. "Like what?" They echoed.

"Well I don't know, something besides Tiger's Eye." She sighed, referring to Reizo's band.

"I'm going to play soccer again." Yasuo offered.

"That's great-" Reizo began.

The sound of the bell interrupted the rest of his words and the three looked toward the school.

"And so it begins." Yasuo joked.

Miki nodded. "I guess we'll be seeing you Reizo, we need to get to class!" She winked.

"Well maybe we can meet later for lunch or something." Reizo offered.

"Doubt it!" Miki winked, linking arms with Yasuo and pulling him away. "Come on Yasu, we don't want you to be late for the first day!"

The startled boy found himself being dragged toward the front gates, he turned and waved apologetically toward Reizo.

When they had put space between themselves and the other boy Miki slowed and gave Yasuo a sly grin.

"So Yasuo, when are you going to hook up with my brother?"

Yasuo choked and glared at his friend, one of the few people who knew that he was gay.

"I'm not going to go out with your brother." He replied curtly.

Miki rolled her eyes. "Sure Yasu." She poked him in his side. "But it's so obvious that you have the hots for him."

Yasuo's face turned a lovely shade of pink as he shook his head furiously.

"No I don't! Reizo's my friend, I don't like him in that way." He protested.

Miki nodded. "Uh huh, of course you don't." She smirked. "Though I've seen the looks you give him."

"What are you stalking me or something?!" Yasuo cried. "I do not watch him!"

Miki winked. "Never said you did unless you have something you want to fess up to. But whenever you're near him your eyes tend to wander if you know what I mean."

Yasuo clutched at his backpack in embarrassment, at being caught or because of the fact that it was Miki whom had seen him he couldn't decide.

He blinked. "Wait, has Reizo seen my "eyeing" him?" He asked worriedly.

His friend looked thoughtful for a moment. "Not that I know of. But I'm pretty sure he would say something if that were the case."


Miki threw an arm around Yasuo's shoulder. "But don't get so down, I'll help you win him over." She reassured.

Yasuo awarded her with a doubtful look. "Why?"

She grinned brightly. "Because it's so cute!"

Yasuo sighed. "I'm not going to corrupt your brother, he probably has tons of girls after him, which we know for a fact is true." He shrugged. "Out of all of them why would he choose me, especially when we look at the fact that I'm so obviously male."

Miki patted his head and then ruffled his hair. "Don't worry Yasu." She glanced around. "Between you and me I think he might be gay." She whispered.

"What?!" Yasuo yelped.

"Shh!" Miki waved her hands. "I'm not totally sure, I'm just guessing, but he sure does seem like it with all his feminine crap." She rolled her eyes.

Yasuo pouted. "You're judging him too much, who cares if he's a little feminine, that doesn't make him gay." He pointed out. "I mean look at me, I play soccer for crying out loud!"

Miki blinked. "So?"

Yasuo sighed. "What I'm saying is that you don't have to be feminine to be gay, because I'm sure the hell not."

Miki grinned. "You sure about that?" She smirked.

"Y-yes!"  He scowled.

"You sound so positive." She teased. "Y-yes." She mocked.

Yasuo pouted. "Shut up."

Miki poked his cheeks playfully. "See, you can't tell me that pouting isn't a gay thing, when do you ever see the football players pouting?"

"I don't know, I'm not the one stalking people." He scowled.

Miki grinned. "Ouch, someone's in a bad mood now."

Yasuo stuck his tongue out childishly. "Bleh."

"You'd better pop that thing back in your mouth before some hot guy comes and snatches it." Miki chuckled.

"What?" Yasuo blinked.

Miki shrugged and pointed over his shoulder at someone coming their way. Yasuo turned in surprise and gasped.

"Reizo." Miki drawled.

Reizo nodded toward his sister, panting slightly as he came to stand beside the flustered Yasuo.

"I just remembered that we can go to class together." The silver haired boy smiled brightly. "I'm not taking any advanced classes this year, isn't that great Yasuo?"

Yasuo gulped and tried to smile despite himself. "Uh, yeah, that's wonderful."

Miki managed to hide her laughter in a short cough. She sniffed as she composed herself and then smiled happily. "I'm sure Yasu's very happy. Aren't you Yasu." She smirked.

Yasuo scowled. "I already said yes."

Reizo frowned. "If you don't want me to walk with you guys I'll go find someone else." He said.

"No!" Yasuo yelped.

Reizo raised an eyebrow.

Yasuo flushed. "I mean, we don't mind if you hang out with us." He finished lamely.

"It's a date then!" Miki grinned as she grabbed Yasuo's arm once again.

Yasuo groaned and allowed the enthusiastic girl to pull him along, Reizo followed them curiously.

"Now bro, if you're going to be hanging out with us "normal" people, we're going to have to show you the ropes." Miki said in a serious tone.

Reizo snorted. "Since when have you been normal?"

Miki smiled and shook her finger at him. "No teasing or we won't let you walk with us."

Reizo glowered but shut his mouth.

Miki nodded. "Now then, let me see your schedule so we can map out our classes." She said to the two boys.

Yasuo meekly handed over his class schedule to the girl and Reizo followed suit.

Miki scanned the papers quickly and smiled happily. "This is so cool!" She cheered.

"What is it?" Reizo wondered.

Miki handed back the papers and tugged on Yasuo's arm once again to get him moving.

"Here's the deal. Yasuo, we have Science and Math together. Reizo." She looked toward her sibling. "You have English and History with Yasuo. And finally, I have Art and PE with my bro."

"That's good?" Reizo asked.

Miki rolled her eyes, sighing dramatically. "Duh! It's very rare to have so many classes with your friends, they like to separate us. Dude you've been hanging out with those advanced kids for way too long."

Reizo frowned. "Hey, those are my friends, at least I was passing those classes instead of failing the normal ones."

Miki scowled at her twin. "That was low. And why are you taking "normal" classes this year anyway?" She demanded.

Reizo flushed. "I just felt like taking a break from all the work."

His sister raised a skeptical eyebrow. "I bet." She eyed Yasuo briefly. "I was thinking more along the lines of your crush not being in the advanced classes with you so you decided to be an average kid for a year to stalk them."

It took a moment for Reizo to piece together her words and when he did his face was tinted red. "That isn't true!"

"I'm sure it isn't Mr. Tomato." Miki winked.

Yasuo rolled his eyes, used to the twins' antics. "Let's just get to class." He sighed.

"You see Reizo, you made Yasuo depressed!" Miki poked her brother. "Now he's going to be this way all day because he thinks you don't like him anymore."

Yasuo rolled his eyes. "Ha-ha." He said dryly.

Reizo looked at him strangely but Yasuo ignored it and focused on the direction they were walking. "Hey isn't this your class Miki?" He tried to distract the girl.

She glanced toward the door and then at her schedule. "Why so it is." She saluted the two boys. "Well I'm off to History, wish me luck!"

Yasuo smiled and waved lightly. "Have fun."

"Ah yes, learning about dead people, I'm going to have the best time of my life." She chuckled.

Yasuo nodded. "Good, me and Reizo are off to English, I'll see you next period."

"Tootles! Oh and Reizo, please don't take advantage of poor little Yasuo on the way to class." She called over her shoulder as she walked into her classroom.

Yasuo looked over at Reizo and was surprised to see the taller boy blushing. "You do know that she's just messing with you right?" He patted Reizo's shoulder. "Don't take it so seriously."

Reizo laughed lightly. "Yeah, I guess I'm going to have to get used to that." He ruffled his silver hair slightly.

They continued walking down the hallway and Yasuo watched his friend from the corner of his eye. "So why did you decide to drop the advanced classes this year?" He asked curiously.

Reizo frowned. "Well like I said before, I have too much of a work load already, I needed a break from all the homework." He turned to Yasuo. "Plus I miss hanging out with you guys."

Yasuo smiled ruefully. "It does seem like ever since you got accepted into the advanced courses and started your band that we haven't seen each other in a while."

Reizo grinned. "But that's going to change from now on, we can all hang out just like old times."

"Hope so." Yasuo sighed.

Reizo caught Yasuo's drop in mood and tried to keep the conversation happy. "So what about you, how have things been?"

Yasuo blinked in surprise. "Fine I guess." He shrugged.

Reizo grinned knowingly. "Come on man, any girlfriends?" He teased.

Yasuo chuckled nervously. "Uh, not exactly." He managed meekly.

A finely arched eyebrow was raised. "Why not? I mean, you're a nice looking guy, I'm sure the girls are throwing themselves all over you."

Yasuo fingered his backpack thoughtfully. "Nah." He smiled at Reizo. "After all, not everyone is a hot singer like you."

He shut his mouth quickly and blushed as he realized what he had just let slip.

Reizo looked thoughtful. "Well I don't know about hot, but I suppose being in a band does attract the girls." He winked.

Yasuo laughed shakily. "Well I don't think I'll be joining any bands anytime soon." He perked up. "Soccer's fine for me."

Reizo grinned. "I heard you were good, Flash." He said using Yasuo's team nickname.

The golden eyed boy blushed. "I'm okay I guess." He conceded.

"Okay?" Reizo repeated doubtfully. "I heard you were the best on the team."

"Well I don't want to sound arrogant." Yasuo replied, somewhat defensively.

"Who cares, if it's the truth then you should be proud of it." Reizo said. "Heck, I know I have a good singing voice and I'll admit to it."

Yasuo nodded as the came to their first period.

"Well here we are." Reizo watched as others teens walked into the classroom.

They followed their classmates into the bright room and immediately found their gaze drifting toward the teacher. A friendly young woman stood behind a neatly kept desk.

She smiled at the boys and looked down at her seating arrangements. "Mr. Kawashima and Mr. Hashimoto I presume." They nodded. "Well it seems you two are lucky and will be sitting next to each other."

She pointed out their desk and the two teens made their way to their seats. Yasuo fell into his chair with a sigh, so far things seemed to be going well.

Reizo was slower to take his seat and when he did his leg accidentally brushed up against Yasuo's own, sending a shiver up his spine.

Yasuo blinked and turned to the seventeen year old. Reizo smiled apologetically.

"Sorry about that, these desks are smaller then I had first thought."

The bell rang and Yasuo nodded weakly, feeling heat rise into his face as he turned toward the front.

"Good morning class, my name is Mrs. Ichigawa." The teacher greeted.

Yasuo sank into his seat. This was going to be a very long day.

"This is going to be a great year Yasuo." Reizo whispered in his ear, sending more chills through his body. 

Oh yes, very long indeed.


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