The World Today

Watch as the sky hits the ground
Trees snap in half like a flower
Just listen to all the quiet sound
Build up yet another tall tower

Replace the green with a dull grey
Harden the earth with black tar
Wake up to another lonely depressing day
The night no longer contains any stars

When as the last time you heard the birds?
Loud music, racing cars, singing sirens
The tune of nature now seems so absurd
Industrialism is turning into a tyrant

Burn away the grassy fields of gold
Drink up clear waters with dirty sands
Never let go of your strong hold
Unity has been dissolved, no longer holding hands

Observe the sunset fade to black
Swallowed by the dark smoky skies above
Life this world is beginning to lack
Lost is the scent of what was once known as love

The temperatures have risen, melting the snow
Ocean levels rising, engulfing the shores
Exterminated is the divine forest doe
Never again can we taste what is lost forever more

Scorched is the life preserving layer in the sky
Radiations killing all of us so slowly
Buildings full of deceit, can't take this lie
They can command the earth but they can't control me

Our minds become lethargic and coordination is low
This we call advancement in technology
If damage is done, what's the use, don't you think so?
Don't let the consequence lead to sweet apathy

The world has become nature's graveyard
So busy, even the spirits don't have time to lurk
It's so monotonous, it's no longer like playing cards
I can almost imagine God with that sad little smirk

Destruction is all I see around me
Destroyed is every tree, every animal, every mountain
Minds have been corrupted as you can see
Black waters flow, forming an earthly fountain

Where is the honey which once tasted so sweet?
The creators' homes have been left in utter ruin
Around you will see an increase in the pace heartbeat
Leave the patches of tattered torn cloth unsown

Did God create the world to watch it fade away?
We are killing nature, the link between us and Him
If this greed continues we won't ever have a say
With so much pollution the sunrays shall grow dim