Ugly Duckling

Looking at my reflection what do I see?
An ugly duckling staring back at me
Hungry eyes, a sad tormented smile
My reflection seen on the bathroom tile

The ugly duckling molded by the world
Feels pain as people can be so cold
She hides her scarred face behind a wing
Afraid all the insults will badly sting

They all seem so perfect to ugly her
Smiling, laughing, calling her a roadside cur
All hidden behind an artificial mask
Leaving ugly duckling to do the dirty tasks

Ugly duckling's greatest fear is her reflection
Reminding her of her lowly imperfection
Her ugliness drives her to near insanity
She dies a million deaths, a calamity

Praying for a miracle every night
She forgets there was such thing as light
Growing weaker due to lack of food
Wishing the world wasn't so crude

She doesn't have the right to love
Lacking the beauty of the beautiful dove
It doesn't matter if she has a true heart
Ugly she has been right from the start

Apathetic towards the world she becomes
Oblivious of all, she becomes so numb
Poor ugly duckling has not a friend
Her ugliness brings all to an end

Jealousy grows in her once pure heart
Can't help crying when their eyes dart
She curses, she cries, wishing to die
Sick of the world full of its dirty lies

Ugly duckling feels so grotesque inside
In no one these feelings she dares confide
Knowing they will tell her to see a shrink
Between ugliness and perfection exists no link

Thinking the moon will hide at her sight
She covers her face, hiding tears with all might
Paranoid she grows counting the stars
Seemingly hidden herself behind jail bars

Giving a bitter laugh seeing them sneer
She grows envious of the delicately built deer
Rolling her eyes seeing all the moonlight beauties
Slowly she begins to forget all her duties

Soon anger replaces her paranoid depression
Hating all, she's sick of this suppression
Finding insane pleasure seeing them fail
Ugly duckling loves watching them turn pale

Vindictive grows her heart, her soul
Self-esteem sucked up by a black hole
She takes to ugly insulting, hurting all
Even the innocent who ugly didn't call

But abhorring only brought her torment
Sleepless nights full of shadowy regret
Her ugliness now overtook every thought
In a silvery spider web she felt caught

The sunrays made her cower back
Scared a pretty darling find what she lacks
No dress, no look, no compliment made her glad
Just the thought made ugly duckling feel sad

Never has ugly duckling felt peace
Always been at war with those who tease
Every night she saw grotesque dreams
Listening to them torture her in teams

Like this, ugly duckling wasted her life away
Ever hiding, crying, never had time to play
Considering herself the lowest, the chess pawn
All went in vain, she died a beautiful swan

I turn away from the shattering mirror
Watching my reflection slowly kill her
My life has turned into a materialistic obsession
All that counts is beauty and expensive possession