arsenic in her tea

she drank arsenic in her rosemary tea,
sipped it calm and slow.
holding the ornate china handle lightly,
no sign of panic or fear.

she remembers mary poppins' words.
"for a spoonful of sugar helps the
medicine go down,
in a most delightful way."

gracefully swallowing poison,
with lovely etiquette,
black-lace gloves hiding the outstanding
blue veins against her lily skin,
she is artwork in itself.

beautiful in the face of death,
rigor mortis at the breakfast table,
and arsenic in her morning tea.

lady resplendent in her silk,
no one would have guessed her final thoughts,
the swan song she sings
in death, and the heavenly chorus
joins in the mournful dirge.

"for a spoonful of poison helps
the sorrows go down,
in a most delightful way."

-kismet. 11 november 2004.

author's note: what on earth am i thinking? anyway, this is a disclaimer. that song belongs to disney and although i wish i wrote it, i did not. mr eisner, please do not sue me. teenagers don't get much pocket money.