Love and hate

When I was younger

his voice and eyes terrified me.

His loud, powerful, raging voice

and the dark, intense, berserk fury eyes.

I learned to fear and despise him

though I cared for him as well.

Now I love and hate him.

Him, who makes my mother, sisters, and brother cry.

Him, who takes us places, and gives us moments of joy.

Two opposing forces

love and hate.

I love him for the father he was to me when my true father was never there.

I hate him for the anger, hate, fear, and sadness he broguth to us.

He has become a part of me.

His anger, temper, are mine now.

His distrust and fear are mine.

We clash often with our opinions and tempers,

yet I am always beaten down by his strength and power.

I have gotten his intense eyes

his raging voice.

I have gotten my apathy from him

and my fear.

My fear that imprisons me.

I have become what I hated so much.

I love him and yet I hate him,

him who was always there

and yet never there.

The father that raised me.