There goes my heart out on the floor.
That's not a nice thing for you to do.
You say you're my friend, and you do this.
Don't say you 'care', tell me something new!
You either love me, or you don't, simple.
If you do, then let us be together eternally.
If you don't, then please don't care for me so much:
It's not a friend I need, it's love (platonically).

Why must you hurt me with you 'love'?

Don't you know when you get so close to me,
And tell me all these nice things about me,
But then say that you don't love me as a boy,
It grinds away slowly, but surely, at my sanity?
Your 'love', it doesn't make sense to me...
If I'm so perfect to you, why don't we kiss?
Why don't you tell those three words to me?
Because when I'm alone, it's you I miss.

No, you're love doesn't hurt me. It KILLS me.

In this stanza, I'll explain to you
All the emotions caused, by the things you do:
There's anguish, guilt, pain and confusion,
And most important of all, Love, the kind that's true.
And because of my love for you, this pain rings home,
For the simple fact you seemingly want to toy with me.
Next time you tell me I'm perfect for you, mean it.
Mean it in the way that you know you'll make us happy.

It's your Love I want. not your love.