Yes, I know you rejected me.
Yes, I'm not stupid: I should get over it.

I rest my head on my pillow,
And my dreams are always haunted by you.

I paint a picture,
But it's coloured with your favourite blue.

I start to walk at night,
Yet somehow, I end up at your door.

I throw away all your photos in the bin,
But the next day, they're on my floor.

Even though I've never experience your kiss,
It's the one thing I know that'll keep my heart true.

I talk to my friends about trival stuff,
But I end up talking about me, wanting to be with you.

I write a poem about Love,
But you flood my words. To you, my minds bound.

I pray to God that I can obtain true love,
But I know that only in you, It can be found.

As you can see, I'm broken-hearted.
I've found the one I love.
But my Love don't love me.