A/N: This is something that I wrote due to some events that have occurred in the past two days.  It's my darkest yet; and I'd never actually kill anybody.  I'm too much of a softy, and weenie. ^^;;  It's just how I feel, and my anger towards the one that has inflicted these issues.  Please do not flame me, as I take a great pride in this one poem; and hope that you all enjoy reading it just as much as I did writing it.  Have fun, and leave me some lovin'! 3

DISCLAIMER:  This poem is the property of Eternal Twilight.  Please do not use this for any matter, or purpose without my consent.  Thank-you, and enjoy.  3

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A pleasure to meet you

I can't say I rejoice

For I am angered completely

When I hear your dark voice

A curse from the summit

The mountains, they fall

Upon your black heart

You will give up your all

For I am a girl

And you have fucked with my guy

And now you will suffer

As I watch you now die

Drop to your knees

And say you're last words

For what I say next

Will be the last that you've heard

A prayer to black magic

A call to the night

I am ready and waiting

Now, show yourself and fight

You've pissed me right off

With your manipulation and lies

Now bow down before me

And prepare yourself to die

I laugh at your pleas

To spare your 'dear life'

Upon you, I spit

On your darkness and strife

You mess with me

And maybe I'll live

But, you messed with my love

So, I'll never forgive

Your hair like the red fire

Your eyes like the dead

Upon your body I stand

As your heart fills with dread

Sweet revenge I cast upon thee

Forever to rain

To curse your cold heart

And to feel eternal pain

I slay your heart with my staff

As you lay there alone

No baby to save you

No way out of the unknown

The mountain, she cheers

As you're drained of your ways

Isn't it funny how when you mess with true love

Your debt goes unpaid

Your last breath, you speak,

"Ma'am, please, have mercy on me!"

I laugh and twist harder

With no sympathy

Then you'll exclaim

As I bring fourth my staff with glee

You've met with my wrath

You'll never be free

Now, how does it feel

To have your heart ripped in two?

You did it to me

When you took my love, too

Your death comes to greet

As the demons carry your soul away

Forever to be tortured

In Hell, you shall stay

Your body lies rotting

On the top evermore

I only twirl and laugh

As your carcass lay dead on the floor

You've pissed me off good

You've locked up my merge

Well, brace yourself, honey

For a painful, black surge

He did nothing wrong

To end up in that place

Now, I will end this

Make a corpse of your face

The vultures, they pick

At your rotting, stinking flesh

I only rejoice

And kick at what's left

The cold wind to greet you

The snowflakes to fall

Forever you lay there

As the night comes to call

The next time I see you

Prepare for the worst

For your soul will be taken

As you ride in a hearse

This teaches a lesson

Don't fuck with my love

For I will fight to the death

When push comes to shove

I've talked enough

Heard enough of your lies

Now, sit down, and shut up

It's time for you to die!