A/N: This is another poem that I wrote just a few moments ago.  It ties into Demon of Darkness; but, this is on a much lighter note- with references to the one that was taken.  As always, and especially with this one- I'm taking a great pride for my work.  ^.^  So, please- no flaming me. ^.^ Cause that would piss me off…and well, I've been pissed off enough with the things that have been happening lately. ^^;; So, yeah.  Leave me some lovin', and leave your flames outside. ^.^  Thanks, and enjoy, darlings!  3

DISCLAIMER: This poem is the property of Eternal Twilight.  Please do not take, or use any of it without my consent.  Thanks, and enjoy!  3

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My angel of moonlight

They took you away

To a place of great torment

But not to forever stay

They say you'll be back

By the mid-afternoon sun

Together we'll reunite

And again become one

A climb to the summit

And not hear your sweet voice

A fate brought by someone

Not at all by our choice

I look to the stars

A pray to the gods

To beat this great challenge

To overcome the odds

I know you're upset

You don't wish to be

But fear not, my darling

Soon you will be set free

Away from the dungeon

In which you must be trapped

Into my arms, you shall run

Together we'll walk, not looking back

Love is so fragile

Thy heart is so pure

I'll pick up the pieces

If this has broken yours

A beacon to guide you

From sea to the shore

A fortress to shield you

From pain, evermore

When I gave you my body

I gave my whole heart

The joining of one

Brought the vow to never be apart

You may not believe me

For you've been hurt in the past

But, I'm forever with you

Till life away, casts

The night brings my longing

For someone to hold

For your form to be near me

To warm me from the cold

The winds cry so greatly

The mountain, she cries

I pine for your kiss

'Neath celestial skies

Fear not, my dear angel

It is almost day

To finally be with you

And the darkness astray

The night we made love

You opened my heart

To a new world of heaven

Now I cannot depart

I am a shooting star

Wandering endlessly

Yet I cannot, and do not wish to return

Back to where I used to be

I wish to be with you

Till day of your death

Then meet at the gates

As we walk into the best

Afterlife brings fourth

A journey throughout

A new day to venture

To be without doubt

Death is the end

Of a life we know true

Yet the start of another

A journey for two

I gave you my promise

I gave you my vow

A lifetime of joy

We'll make it somehow

The world is against us

The love that we share

Is shunned by society

A secret to bear

The secret of secrets

Known only to us

A promise between us

In heart, we entrust

Tomorrow the sun will still rise

The moon will still set

A reunion of lovers

To which none will forget

In this cold room, I wait

For that moment to come

When you walk in the door

And bring me my solstice

I've longed for evermore

My Garden of Eden

Lies right in your eyes

My Shangri-La weaved

In the warm tears I cry

Rest assured tonight, darling

It will come shining through

But, until we meet again

Know that thy heart is true

I feel your spirit with me

Though the distance may call

Your strength in my body

Prevents me to fall

I feel you now with me

And I hope you as well

Tomorrow is the start

And the escape from this Hell

Take with thee, these seeds

For them, you will sow

It takes lots of patience

For the flowers to grow

But, fear not, sweet angel

I am with you, by your side

The sweet kiss of sunlight

The moonbeams that reside

Each drop of warm wind

Is my touch to your cheek

Each time the sun hits your sweet face

Is from the one that you seek

I kiss your soft lips

By the winds of midnight

To settle your torture

A celestial plight

Until we meet again on this day

And sunlight breaks through

Know that I love you

And that I'm hurting too

For I am loyal

To you and you only

No longer must you worry

For I pledge to your spirit, solely

An eternity of joy

For as long as I live

And then at the gates

We will meet; and our secret, we'll give

Now, sleep, darling angel

And dream of the day

When we will unite

And never astray

Thy heart is there with you

Thy spirit not far

Thy body lies lonely

But look to the night stars

I will look back

Under the same, sapphire sky

A kiss to the heavens

But not of goodbye

Tomorrow at last

We will meet once again

A new journey to greet us

The darkness to end

Until this day comes

And while we are apart

Know that you're with me

Forever locked in my heart…