Around The Holiday Season
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was around the holiday season
That I've been the chance to buy my son
One of the world's hottest toys
That was popular with girls and boys.

But before I was about to go on my mission
Of my gift buying,I've found out that my wife
Who has been the love of my life
For seven years has gotten into an accident
With a car that had left a large dent
On the side door and caused my wife
To be sent to the hospital for treatment.

Just then,I've found out what it meant
When one says that everything was possible,
For when I've arrived at the hospital,
I've noticed that my frend,Dr. Bruce Kent
Was able to help my beloved Fay
Get well in time to be the next holiday
Miracle and still enjoy the season
Of giving with me and our son.

Please enjoy yourselves on Christmas day.