A Secret Hers To Keep
By Kurumi-chan
The silent darkness covers the land
As a yawn can't escape the sound sleeper.
In a modest little house, a man gets up
And the grave thoughts in his mind go far deeper.
Death, shrouded in a black cloak, silent as night,
Her voice lost like the moon in the trees,
Whispers her secret into the maiden's ears,
And the words interrupt her sweet dreams.
The man lifts his hand, slowly, reluctantly,
Rests it on her chest for a heartbeat.
His mind forms a word lost before it leaves his mouth,
Lets her go as a tear runs down his cheek.
The light turns off, a final goodbye,
The breath of the lady no more than a murmur.
As she retreats into the darkness, like a forsaken shadow,
The girl drifts into a never ending slumber.
I made this poem one day while listening to my extremely boring teacher in
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