A/N: Ok so this was inspired by the wear your seatbelt ads on our TVs at the moment. Please R/R tell me what you think.

All it takes is a moment to change everything. One minute you're a carefree teenager who loves hanging out with your friends, surfing, sunbaking and so on. You're a carefree teenager who hates school, your parents, your teachers and just everything in general. Nothing wrong with that, you're just like every other teenager on the face of this earth. It's the minute that follows that changes your whole life. In the 60 seconds starting as a carefree teenager, you make the biggest mistake of your life you loose everything. In that minute your biggest problem changes from who will you go to the formal with to wether or not you will ever walk again.

Let me introduce you to my friend Eli. Some of you may have met him before but I know you don't recognise him now. Eli has lost his ability to talk so let me do the speaking for him. Eli is 19, he doesn't look it does he? We grew up together, the best of friends, we did everything together. Except we didn't graduate together and we didn't go to the formal together. However we did go to that party together, remember that night Eli? No I don't suppose you do. You just woke up one day and you couldn't remember anything. So let me remind you.

It was Ross' party, he was turning 17 and his folks were away for the weekend so it was a total piss up. But I didn't drink, Eli had a couple but he was fine. We left about 1 am; we had to be up for work the next morning. I decided I was going to drive; we were smart enough to know not to get in the car with somebody who had been drinking. Hailey and me were in the front, Eli, Nate and Con were sitting in the backseat, unknown to us neither Eli nor Nate had their seatbelt on, we knew that Con had because he'd passed out so we'd belted him in. A few of us left at the same time, I think another two carloads.

One of the drivers of the other car was off his face, totally drunk, I think everybody in that car was, God bless their souls. We were lined up at the traffic lights, we weren't planning to drag but the drunk driver sped off, he lost control about a kilometre up the road. I had reached the speed limit by them driving at 100 kilometre per hour, he spun out of control about 50 metres in front of us, by the time I realised and slammed my foot on the break it was too late. Our car went screaming into their car followed by the other car that'd left the party at the same time.

The scariest thing in the world is seeing something fly past your vision and when you look up to see what it is you see your best friend's bloodied and battered body lying through the windscreen. I screamed his name but he wouldn't answer. So I turned to God,

"Oh dear God" I prayed,

"Please let him be alive, please let Eli be alright…" I didn't get any further than that, shock and blood loss caused me to pass out, only to wake up days later in the hospital. Eli was the first thing, person I asked about, I had to know that he was all right. When mum said those words my heart just broke,

"Jamie I'm sorry… he wasn't wearing a seatbelt…" At this stage a million thoughts were rushing through my mind I only caught a couple of the words that my mum was saying. But I managed to catch the most important ones,

"D5 Paraplegic" I'd seen that damn ad on TV enough times to know what it meant.

No feeling from the chest down, no bowel and bladder control, no sexual function, confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life. Look at him for a moment please, don't look away, just look at Eli.

He's 19, he didn't graduate in 2002 none of us did. The car full of drunk teenagers? They were all killed on impact. Nate? Shattered ribs, punctured lung, punctured kidney, broken limbs; he died two weeks after the accident. Con? Woke up in hospital the next morning with not much more than a horrible hang over and a bad concussion. Hailey? Concussion, heavy lacerations and a broken wrist from when she put her hand against the dash to stop her flying forward. Hailey was Nate's girlfriend and they'd been together forever, the accident followed by his death bought on depression. Last year on July 15th, the one-year anniversary of the accident she threw herself in front of a train. And me? Concussion, heavy lacerations and a broken ankle, I was lucky.

I'm still Eli's best friend. He doesn't remember me from before the accident he just knows me as the one who is his carer. A boy with no parents, no siblings, no family, just me. I help him get up in the morning, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, go about his day and at night I help him eat dinner, get changed and go to bed. At night I hear him cry and I cry with him. What would have happened if he'd been wearing his seatbelt?

Two years ago sitting in a bloodied car I prayed to God I said,

"Oh Dear God, please let him be alive, please let Eli be alright…" now a days I find myself constantly praying,

"Oh Dear God, please let him die in his sleep, please let this pain be taken away from him, please give him peace, please let this all be a dream and let us wake up the morning of the party."

A/N: Guys this may be a fiction story but it does really happen. So PLEASE wear your seatbelts, even if its not the law to wear them, even if its not cool. Here if you don't wear them and it's about a $150 fine or much worse. Also if you've been drinking don't get behind the wheel of a car and don't get in a car when the driver has been drinking. Drink driving, not wearing seatbelts, speeding they all endanger lives. So do something to keep yours safe!