Bloody Diamonds

By: Obsidian Night

Laughter drifted over the clearing as Anita and Phillip sat, enjoying their afternoon. It was a picnic, sweet and sentimental in value and something that they'd both would always remember. Indeed because today was more than just a peaceful day, it was a joyous celebration that had yet to happen.

Anita giggled, her fingers entwined with Phillip's. "The space between your fingers is meant for mine," He whispered. Even at this point in their relationship, those words still made the creeping red of blush roll over her cheeks.

"Phillip," Her eyes were shy. He threw an arm around her with a boyish smile.

"I love it when you blush," He pulled her into his lap, "and I love how you feel so perfect in my arms." His hand slid into one of the pockets on his backpack. "I love you so much…that I want you to marry me."

She turned around, startled, before sudden tears of joy began flowing down her cheeks. "Oh Phillip…" He opened the velvet box to reveal a brilliant oval shaped diamond on a gold ring. Turning to show her the inside of the band, she beheld the words, "The space between your fingers is meant for mine," engraved in the gold. No words were exchanged; she just flung herself into his arms and cried wonderful tears of joy.

              ~         ~         ~

A lone stretch of desolate road lay before them, unused by most of the population of the neighboring small town. There were no streetlights to guide Phillip and Anita as they drove along down the eerily silent road.

"Why is this road so creepy looking?" Anita asked, the fingers of her left hand entwined with his right hand.  Phillip shrugged.

"The town doesn't use this road very often; a back road you know so they don't keep it very well kept," He squeezed her hand reassuringly. Looking over at her he missed the large swerving object that headed their way, its lights not turned on. It was too late when he realized that the swerving object was indeed a car headed straight for them. Phillip hit the breaks as Anita screamed. The other car clipped their bumper and they shuttered off the road in a great screech of tire.

The remaining car stopped and a lone figure stumbled drunkenly from his seat.

"What the 'ell?" He managed to slur out. He made his way slowly and jerkily to the other car that now lay in the ditch, the front end complete compacted in from the force of hitting the tree. A woman's arm hung limply from the shattered window, blood slowly trickling down it. The diamond on her ring finger glittered in the tiny amount of moonlight that peeked through the trees.

This glitter was enough to attract the attention of drunken Dave. With a slow grin he sidled up to the car slyly, like he was getting away with the biggest heist ever, and slipped the ring off, unaware of the evidence that clung to it. That done he stumbled back over to his dented car and drove off with not a care in the world.

But he would care…later.

          ~             ~             ~

"Oh God, Anita!" Anita's mom, Mrs. Rumfeild, burst into hysterics. The two uniformed officers had no clue as to how to comfort the inconsolable woman. Her husband was shell-shocked. He stood there with his eyes wide, mouth agape, and his eyes slowly filling with the shine of unshed tears. Just a few hours ago they had identified the bodies of Anita Rumfeild and Phillip Jameson. Already the young man's parents had been informed, they were now telling the woman's parents before they began investigating apparent hit and run that had caused their children's deaths.

"We're very sorry to inform you of this tragedy. We need you're help. If there's any information you can give us that might help us find their killer please inform us. We're going to keep watch for any leads." Mrs. Rumfeild nodded, tears still streaming down her cheeks. Mr. Rumfeild also nodded.

As he wrapped his arms around his poor wife he stared gravely at the two officers. "Please find our daughter's killer. We'll do anything we can."

The officer nodded. "We'd much appreciate that. We'll do everything we can, even bring in our best detectives to help find out who did this." The officers looked at each other and nodded. Only the best of the best. In a small town like the one the two bodies had been found in, this was a situation that warranted only the best officers around.

          *         *         *         *

Dave was awake.

He had been for hours with the only thought that he had to get rid of the mysterious diamond ring he had awoken with. For some reason, even though he could not remember, Dave had the feeling that he had done something incredibly wrong to come into the possession of this ring. 

 Finally he was struck with an epitome (something that is also incredibly rare). The personal ads.

"I'll put it up for sale," He grinned to himself, "I'll make some money and I'll get rid of this." Dave almost danced at his own cleverness. Lo and behold, the next day, there was an ad in the newspaper. Never Used, diamond ring, oval.

He believed that he was the man. But what he did not know is that Traci, a friend of Phillip's, also happened upon the diamond ad. She had been there when Phillip had picked out his special present to Anita, and was curious as to how someone else had come into the possession of a ring that sounded very similar to the one Phillip had purchased.

"I should call Mr. and Mrs. Jameson. Maybe the police would like to investigate this ad." She said to herself as she reached for the phone. Within a few quick rings the sleep deprived voice of Mr. Jameson came on over the line.


"Hey Mr. J. I found something that might interest you," She paused, switching the phone to her other ear so she could hold up the paper, "There's an ad in today's paper you might want to see."

"Is there?"

"Yes, one that may also be of interest to the police, it has something to do with the wedding ring that Phillip bought for Anita."

"Really?" He sounded anxious. If this really was what her hunch was telling her, then they had just found the key to tracking down the killer of Phillip and Anita.


          *         *         *         *

"Hello? Are you Dave, the man selling the diamond ring in the newspaper?" Traci stood in the doorway of Dave's home, trying her best not to look at the officers in the unlabled car parked across the street.

Dave smiled, "Yes, I am. Are you looking to buy it?"

"Oh yes indeed." She smiled back. The cops across the street could hear everything through the wire taped to her collar. At any moment she could call for them to come in.

"Well right this way, babe. I've got it in the living room." Traci frowned but followed him in. No time for her to be upset with a pet name.

Quickly he led her into the living room where, from in a small padded box, he pulled out a glittering diamond ring, which to her horror looked very familiar. She held her hand out, "May I see it?"

He gave it to her carelessly, almost dropping it before he got it to her hand. She, though, was extremely careful as she tilted the ring so she could see the inside of the band. It was there that she found everything she needed to know.

"It's to my liking, I would like to buy it."

The cops burst through the door at that point, guns raised, shouting for Dave to put his hands up into the air. Traci backed away and let the cops do their job, watching unemotionally as Dave was pushed to the ground and handcuffed. This had been the man who had killed Phillip and his fiancé Anita. There was no love in her for him.

Dave pleaded that he didn't know what was going on. But the evidence was incriminating. Outside, parked in the driveway was a car with a dented bumper and inside there was the ring.

The diamond engagement ring with the words 'The space between you're fingers is meant for mine' spelled in dried crimson blood.

That was the most incriminating of all.


(This was a short story that I wrote for my creative writing class. It probably sucks but I had fun making it. The way we were supposed to do this was we were to find an ad in the paper for something ((I used an unused diamond wedding ring)) and turn into a story of why, how, and/or what caused this item to be sold. Pretty cool huh? I don't know how my teacher graded it yet so I'm not sure if she thinks its awesome but, what the hell, I haven't updated in so long that anyone who still cares probably wants to kill me.)