Do you ever wonder what it's like to die? I never wondered. I never really cared because I'm just a young girl and thinking about those things is sad. And even during the moment I died, slowly falling down the cliff, I wasn't really thinking about dying. I was marveling at the sound of the air whistling in my ears and the strange euphoria my arms felt sort of floating there like wings. I felt a bird. Not in the sense of being very free, but in the sense of I could fly. Just soar. As I neared the bottom of it, I thought, 'okay, now I am going to swoop up and fly away in to the night' except I didn't quite do that. I just fell all the way down.

Now, you never really think about what it feels like to die by falling off a cliff (because it's so cliché) but let me tell you, it is not very nice. Being millimetres away from the ground is possibly the scariest thing in the world. You never think about how fabulous and precious life is until you die. Life is like a tiny diamond that you have to cradle in your hand. Well, actually, it's more like a rock that's going to change in to a diamond, and you have to be patient until you finally get to that diamond.

And when I reached the ground, I went through the most painful thing. I can't even explain it to you. I could hear all my bones shattering and I could feel my head exploding and I felt sad because no one had even seen me. I wondered if maybe anyone would even find me, or even know it was me, what with me being all jumbled all over the place like an abstract piece of art.

But at that very last second, or even half a second, the last thing running through my mind was 'I hope I don't land in any dog poop'. I think I did, though.