First Wish

By:Andrew Troy KelIer

It was on the Twelveth day of November when I've suddenly found a very old lamp on the beach during my vacation on the island paradise of Cancun--and upon closer examination,it was one of those lamps with some old Arabic writing on it.

Just then,after I've looked around and noticed that I was the only one on that beach,I've decided to polish it up and sell it to the highest bidder.

But then,after I've polished that sucker up,a mysterious puff of smoke had made its way out of the lamp and on to the sandy beach,where it had transformed itself into a red headed beauty wearing a costume just the one Barbara Eden wore in the TV sitcom I DREAM OF JEANNIE.

And then,after she had bowed her head in front of me,she had looked at me and said,"Greetings,Master.I've imprisoned inside the lamp for two thousand years and since you've released me from my imprisonment,I shall grant you three wishes.What's your first wish,Master?"

Then,after I've given that question a great deal of thought,I've walked up to the genie,placed my gentle hand on her cheek and answered,"I wish that I could stay with you forever."

And then,after she had allowed a smile to appear on her lips,the genie had made a certain gesture that had caused another cloud of magic to appear and transform her into a mortal woman named Drusella,who I'll still love with all of my heart.