The Way Things Are

I'm looking for a reason to live
But all I see around is hate
Bullets are all they can give
Don't turn back to look at fate

What has happened to your smile?
Erased is the bright sunshine
He made you puke out bile
Break away from this solemn line

Sacred love has been sacrificed
Graveyards have been destroyed
Their hearts have been carefully iced
All that is left is an empty void

I watch a hungry naked child cry
As gluttons around quench their thirst
I'm praying the child doesn't die
Hoping the cruel men become the first

Jobless he wanders the earth alone
Picking up his tattered rags for warmth
He pleads for a silver coin, holding a cone
Falls, giving up, having no more strength

Injured he lies on the cement floor
All driving past him, some even over
Has anyone the heart to heal his sore?
True men are as rare as four-leafed clovers

An orphan child begs for mother's love
They pass by ignoring his hungry eyes
Just watch them push and shove
He becomes introverted listening to their lies

Watch him inject heroin into his veins
Violently high he quickly becomes today
Can't call his rage, sunken eyes sane
Drug dealing, he may get shot one grave day

The rich man lies on his death bed
Greedy eyes await his unending sleep
All they want is money, what more can be said?
They care not as they make a golden heap

He forces himself upon an innocent girl
Leaving her helpless in a ditch to die
Tormented mind driving her wild, her life curls
Free he walks, smiling, giving a relieving sigh

Listen to the bomb blast in the distance
Another million people have been killed
Lost is the power in a mother's incense
The running river water has been stilled

He cheats the world for his position
Every task done unwell left undone
Bringing much danger, so much confusion
Honesty and good will he always shall shun

He robs a home, takes all away
Leaving behind a poor family
Not once does his hand sway
Watching them hungry he doesn't feel guilty

He's a murderer and look he runs free
Killing one today, raping another tomorrow
A lunatic, his next victim may be you or me
To a thousand he brings terror and sorrow

Yet though all this I realize
I was born to change the world as said
Rather than sit today and criticize
But it's far too late, I'm long dead...