Love You

I await the sound of your voice
Empty, broken without you around
My heart hasn't left much choice
When it comes to your love, newly found

All those dark nights now seem bright
Lonely I no longer feel with you by my side
My heart beats faster just at your sight
These feelings I can no longer hide

Hold me when I'm here with you
Make me feel the beauty of the night sky
Give me a sweet kiss before you go
Love me till the day you and I die

I strive each day just to see your face
Feeling sorrow every second you aren't there
This is what I call love full of grace
Can't help it every time you catch me stare

With you everyday is like spring
Rainbow colored drops of rain fall down
All I want to do is dance and sing
As the rain becomes my musical sound

Hug me every time I'm freezing cold
Stay with me whenever I feel lonely
Talk me to sleep every night till you grow old
You're the only one who can love me

Butterflies in my gut every time you speak
I blush at just your thought
Look out my window just to have a peek
To see you standing there as I sought

I crave for your gentle touch
Just want to stare into your eyes forever
Love it when my shoulders you suddenly clutch
This moment I shall always savoir

Won't you love me when I'm gone?
Whisper in my ear, I love the sound
In the rain sing with me this song
Carry me across the muddy ground

With you I'm on a permanent high
Drunk on your voice, love the way you taste
For you I would any day die
Wish you would stay every time you leave in haste

I see your face in the flames of a candle
Hear your voice in every good song
Your love's driving me insane, too much to handle
I shall love you with heart and soul life long...