America. The Great.

Fuck America
Drown in your self sorrow
Kill today
To make a better tomorrow
Fuck the love
Fuck the pain
Fuck caring
Fuck everything
Uptight selfish bastards
Care so much for themselves
To not accept indifference
And categorize into shelves
Fuck the lying
Fuck the war
Fuck Mr. Bush
Who's never fucking sure
Fuck this life
Fuck the death
Fuck the crying
Fuck false breath
To never care
Whose idea was that?
Fuck senile bastards
Who're never up at bat
Fuck assumptions
Fuck the labels
Fuck the drowning
Fuck the fables
Fuck this life
Fuck dying
Fuck pain
Fuck the crying
In this fight
We'll never win
Turn around
To argue again
That's how it is
And how it will always be
Fuck America.
America is not me.