Sun Cycle

The prince of the jungle,
obscured by the blue-green-
red-orange mesh of color drenching
the wide open forest of the skies,
he sails in the air,
suspended only by gravitational forces
and the helium-inflated hope
of taking his victim by surprise,
and he almost flies--
higher and higher--
he's stuck in the air
And his prey escapes--
the moon evasively bounces
above the horizon,
and the tiger lands,
He will try again tomorrow.

Author's Notes: I wrote this for my creative writing class...tch, she doesn't appreciate me. ;_; *crycrycry* lol...I had to write a metaphorical poem describing one thing in terms of another. If you didn't pick up on it before, I'm talking about the sun here. ;) Anyways, thanks for reading, everyone; hope you found it mildly amusing. *wink* ~MJ
Date of Completion: October 20, 2004