Falling into darkest
Endless night
Blackest hour
Raindrops like silver gems
Dripping from the bare black trees
Wind shakes the sky
Hands tremble, heart shivers
I'm so "untouchable" to you.
Can't you see?
Once in my life.
I'd like to be comforted.
Weary of being strong
Maybe I'd like a shoulder to cry on
Lean on someone else just to know that
They're there
Every time I fall
Into empty air,
Never caught.
Every night I cry myself to sleep
Wishing I wasn't so alone
And that I didn't have to hide
I wish you really knew me
I wish I always knew just what to say.
But my foolish words
Only make it worse.
Mask torn away
Tearstained cheeks
Red eyes
Cold fire burns
Icy in my heart,
Bleakest coal is the only thing
which fuels the shaky heartbeat in my chest
I can't take it anymore