15 Minute Ficlets Challenge: Stretched


by Red Wolf

The back of Shelley's head hit the door as the man slapped her across the face. She could taste blood in her mouth.

"Nothing to say, little girl?" He reached out to grab Shelley by the hair, but she stepped towards him and slammed her foot down on his instep. As he doubled over, she brought her knee up into his face. There was a satisfying crack.

Not waiting around to see how much damaged she'd done, Shelley took off into the warren of offices on the ground floor.

It didn't take long for her assailant to recover. She could hear him coming after her, his heavy footsteps interspersed with swearing and cajoling.

Shelley ran from one room to the next looking for a way out. The window she'd gotten in through the day before was on the other side of the entrance and the ones along this part of the building were locked, painted shut or the broken panes not large enough for her to get through. With escape no longer an option, she settled for digging her heels in and making a stand.

As the man entered the last room he squinted as the morning sun shone through the broken top panes of the window. Raising his hand to shield his eyes, he was unprepared for the pipe that struck him across the midsection, knocking the wind out of him. He didn't see the second blow that struck the back of his skull. He was unconscious when he hit the floor.

Shelley heard her name and sneakered feet pounding the concrete floor towards her. Billy and Jesse had arrived early to meet her.

"Hey, guys." Shelley grinned, the length of galvanised pipe casually resting on her shoulder. "Did you bring a phone? I have to call my grandfather, Mr Branson needs to see a doctor."