Authors Note: I had my bag stolen whilst in Manchester yesterday. When I got home the first thing I did was burst into tears and tell my Dad who hugged me loads and a few hours later at 1:00 in the morning I wrote this. Ravena XxX

* * * * *

As father and daughter we grew apart
The way the years grew longer
I stopped holding your hand
Only kissing you at night
And no longer needed your help
Father I respected you
And treasured you in my life
But it wasn't the same

Until one day something happened
And I felt so very alone

Oh Daddy then you opened your arms
When tears fell from my eyes
And held me close to tell me it was okay
And I believed you
The way I used to
You told me it was alright
And somehow
I knew you were right
'Cause I'm still your little girl Daddy
Your little girl who loves you so

© 14th november 2004