Now how can I put this simply?
How can I reduce this to fit into a cup?
There's something I have to say to you:
Here I go... I just can't give you up.

You're always on my mind, every millisecond.
And I have to drink rum to release the pain.
But when I drink, I see you, and I need more drink.
This obsession with you has driven me insane.

When I close my eyes to sleep, I see you.
It hurts to be so close to you and not be with you.
My heart dies every time I think of you, girl.
But you just won't love me, no matter what I do.

And that's all it'll take to stop my pain...

You're an addiction, because if I stop seeing you,
I'll die immediately inside, and my will to live will leave.
But if you stay, you'll kill me slowly and tearfully.
Every time we meet, my hearts tightens, and I can't breathe.
You are a deadly poison to me, killing me no matter what.
And you know what the funny thing is? I love you a lot.
Your true happiness means more to me than anything on Earth,
Truly, I would die for you, for all what my words are worth.

I can't give you up. You're my only obsession.
For me to live, I need your love in my possession!
I love you, only you, and that is my confession.
And if I don't have you, it'll be my destruction...

God, love is meant to be something celebrated!
But in light of all this, I'd rather be castrated!
I truly do believe that I'm made for you, it's my fate.
If you're not The One, then I'll never find my soul mate.

But you're perfect. I can't give you up, and truthfully,
It's only you I want: I won't love another, unfortunately.