He watched her as she walked by him, her blond curls bouncing as she walked. Jason looked at Cassy, preying she would turn and look at him, but like every other day, she just kept walking. He sighed and opened his locker. Its was his last year in high school. Jay was 18 years old and madly in love with Cassy, he had known her since kindergarten...


Jason walked timidly into the small class room, little children were playing together, and he saw a small girl in the corner crying. Jay approached her "hi, I'm Jason, what's your name?" she sniffed and looked at him "Cassandra" he smiled at her "that's pretty, can I call you Cassy?" she smiled "alright, only if I can call you jay." he grinned "deal."


Jay left his locker as the bell rang. Science, his first class, Cassy was in it; she was so bright, so smart. He loved her, they used to be best friends, until grade 5 when she went to summer camp, and made friends, she completely forgot about him then.

He entered the science room; Cassy was sitting with her best friend Jessica, some black hair chick that was a slut...so was Cassy...But Jay new why...and only he new why cassy was the way she was. He walked to his seat beside his lab partner, some geek, Greg or something. "Class today we will be leering about the aspects of..." blah blah blah was all Jay heard for the rest of that class.

The end of the day didn't come soon enough, Jay walked outside, just in time to see Cassy walking home with her friends. He started on his way home alone, or so he thought. "Hello Jason." a high pitched girly voice said form behind him. Jay turned around. "Oh hullo Beatrice." he said dully as she walked beside him. "Mind if I walk you home Jason?" she asked sweetly. "Er...Ok..." he said looking at her awkwardly. Her grin wided. "Perfect!" she squealed as she linked arms with him.

Once he was home Beatrice squealed again, and skipped off. Jay shrugged and looked at his rundown house. The shingles were falling off the paint was peeling, and beer bottles were broken on the driveway, and this was only in outside. Inside there was the living room, with stained carpet, broken beer bottles, majauana on the table and peeling wallpaper on the walls.

Jay walked into the kitchen...Ahh the kitchen, a table with a broken off leg, cement for, and a stained fridge, what else is there to say really. He walked up his stairs and into his bed room, a single bed with mitch match blankets, and a dresser with an alarm clock on it.

He flopped on his bed closing his eyes.Cassys face came immediately to mind, her soft blonde hair, amber eyes, her perfect shaped lips, her brilliant smile, he reached out his hand almost to touch her when another males arms wrapped around her, Jay saw the face a tall man with dark hair and an almost evil grin. Jay short up in his bed and looked at the time, 1:43 A.M. He had fallen asleep.