Sunday soon rolled along, and Jay woke up at 11:00 am. He had an unpleasant sleep, with the same dream as the night before. he was sweaty and felt exhausted. he wiped his forehead as he remberd what the dream was about.


It was a dark and rainy night, he was walking threw the woods, and he heard someone giggling, Jay walked closer to the sound and saw Cassy he looked up and saw Jake Dawson, her boyfriend, they were kissing and giggling, having what looked to be a grand time, jay had screamed in his sleep then woke up.


Jay threw his pillow across the room remembering this dream. He HATED Jake Dawson, his perfect hair, perfect smile, he could get any girl he wanted, but no! he had to get HIS girl. Jay walked across his room, and quietly out the hall and down the stairs, being sure not to wake his sleeping parents. Jay walked into the bathroom and took a shower.

He walked outside a bit later and looked around himself, sirens could be heard around his area, he lived in the rundown area. Jay sighed and started walking down the sidewalk towards the mall. Jay seemed to drag his feet and look at the ground as he walked there, why he was going to the mall? he didn't know.

Jay soon enterd the mall and sat alone in the food court, he didn't;t no why, but food always seemed to help him think better. He looked around at all of the people, he knew most of them from school but none took any notice of him. Well accept for Beotriss, she imediatly grinned and sat beside him.

"Why hello there, Jason," she said sweetly. Jay just nodded at her. "How are you this lovely afternoon?" she asked batting her overly large eyelashes at him. "fine." Jay replied simply. She frowned. "you seem distracted, are you distracted Jay?" Jay looked at her. He rolled his eyes and stood. He could feel beotriss glaring at his back.

Jay sighed as he saw cassy with her boyfriend Jake Dawson. He rubbed his temples remembering the day she had come back from that cursed camp.


Jay was 11 years old, he waited outside the airport for his best friend Cassy. The plane soon landed, Jay grinned as he saw her getting off the plane. She was with a few girls giggling. He smiled feeling good she made some friends. As Cassy approached, Jay grinned and waved at her, she gave him a weird look and waved back slightly shrugging at the girls beside her, they laughed and walked right past him.


Jay sighed. that is why they weren't friends any more, she somehow forgot him when they were 11.