She's so cold and hungry, all alone today
Waiting for a hand to help her
Tired of walking, getting no sleep
All treat her like an insolent cur

They pass by in their cozy cars
Not even giving her a second glance
She's invisible to them, her cries aren't heard
Watch her pleading God for a new chance

She calls out to a young man she sees
Asking for a slice of bread to eat
He refuses to listen and just walks back
Not forgetting to call her a lowly cheat

It has been months since she last sat
Her feet are sore from moving around
She's so lost and lonely, she wants to cry
Tears run down her face and hit the ground

Dressed in tattered rags she walks the streets
Praying for a roof-top for just that day
Drinking water from the dirty gutters
No one cares if she gets a fever today

She smiles sadly when she sees a mother
Wishing she had one to keep her warm at night
She calls out to the Priest in the church
He ignores her pleas, turns away at her sight

Her world spins around her dazed self
She collapses onto the hard concrete floor
No one runs to give her a helping hand
Leaving her to recover from her bleeding sores

Raw, blistered feet don't allow her to walk
Yet she doesn't stop, she keeps trying
Hope lights her ever darkening road tonight
Maybe one day someone will stop her from crying

She has no name, absolutely no purpose
Striving every second to survive for just one more
Hoping to find an old blanket, some food
At heart she feels so terribly torn

She couldn't read that danger sign
Ended up stepping on the electrical wires
No one gave her charred body a funeral
Her soul must think all are heartless liars

Just think twice before you choose to ignore
Share with all, our blissful paradise
Don't let another helpless die a sad death
Oh, please don't be so cold, think twice...