The Dance Floor

Dance to the beat on the dance floor
Move to the smooth flow of his voice
Jump to the music till your feet are sore
You don't have much of a choice

Head bang to the loud guitars and drums
Play air guitar till you collapse
Lose yourself to the music, shake your bum
Come on, don't fall back into relapse

Get hold of your dance partner for this
Drive him crazy, as you move to the music
Bring on the booze, give him a drunken kiss
It's okay to go wild, come on lose it

It's time to party to the heavenly sound
Feel the sweat dripping down your neck
The air's getting hot, listen to his heart pound
Here's a song you hate, oh what the heck?

Hypnotize him with the flow of your feet
Feel the music flow through your soul
Put your arms around him, he tastes so sweet
Savoir the moment because it's made of gold

The party is nearing an end today
Finally ball dance in each other's arms
The music's getting softer, now you sway
Leave hand in hand, the air still feels warm...