The centre of the universe, a ball of mass,

A thousand fires within it,

Reaching out to claim souls long forgotten,

Unlocking heavens doors to bring them back.

One soul, sits alone,

On a broken window frame of a house in heaven,

Watching the world below her being thrashed apart by technology,



Anything and everything consuming the goodness of the world.

Then she looks back to heaven,

Sees the God-made beach that lines the sky.

She stops.

The wind of existence blows through her hair,

The lukewarm water trickling through her toes.

She kneels within the sand, her head to the sky.

She sees the upper heavens unfold with an unearthly light.

This light wears the cloak of deception,

Disguised as a sunset, never revealing its true identity until it is too late,

Until no one can stop it.

It eats through the walls of heaven,

Consumes all,

Destroying the one harmonious place,

Turning it,

Bit by bit,

Into a second