Burning Bridge

Alone I stand on this burning bridge
Watching it all crumble around me
Burning wood falls and hits the water
Fiery becomes the once calm sea

The rotten planks once smelled so damp
Now they give the essence of burnt flesh
The once brown timber turns scarlet
Mother earth cries seeing the red, oh yes

Uprooted from the very depths of the ocean
Every fragment of lumber has been ruined
Smoldering from the very foundation
All turned to ashes, to be everywhere strewn

The raging sea grows even more furious
As planks of blazing wood hit her surface
Lashing out to the sands, the dry shore
Drowning the coast, never again to be traced

A blast of hot air makes the remains shake
More wood disintegrates, falling into the marine
Charred fish slowly come up to the surface
Nothing in this picture is left serene

The neighboring sands turn black
Mixing with the ashes of the burnt planks
The wooden bridge has completely collapsed
Its builder cries sitting alone in the damp

I kneel down to pick up a single splinter
To keep as a token of what is no more
Tears run down my cheek, soaking my wounds
My body, heart, and soul feel so sore

Along with the bridge, I am also charred
Lying in the depths of the now calm ocean
The bridge has crumbled into black ash
I too have collapsed, death I have chosen

The bridge represents our civilization
The fire stands for the person bringing it down
The ocean symbolizes everyone else's reaction
And I am God, the only one to drown...