You were taken from us.

You were with child.

You were in the path.

You were the unfortunate victim,

Of Goshen's reputation.

Every time,

Someone said

"Goshen, Indiana is like Mayberry"

There is a death.

Unfortunately you were the one.

Thomas Goodwin.

NuWood Shooting.

Phil, Ty and Chris.

The three boys this summer

And now you

Ever since the beginning of this spree,

All citizens were in danger

Then it only started

When someone said

"Goshen Indiana is like Mayberry."

You were unfortunately the next victim

Of this comparison.

Michelle was killed on Sunday 14, 2004. She was 81/2 months pregnant. She was killed when a train hit her minivan. She used to work with my father. We love you Michelle. We will always remember you. I dedicate this poem to her.