I know I haven't posted "Creeped Out" like I promised yet, but I will. I promise I will. These stories , or diary entries are for my Values class. It's supposed to be about someone in an alcoholic family.

Dear Diary,

Remember my sister, Rachel? Yesterday, I told you she was visiting from college. And she is here in this house. Now. Oh-oh. I can hear her coming up. She must've come back from the club...


Ow. She beat me up. Rachel's really good at lying and acting, even when she's drunk. She's going to tell mom I fell asleep on the windowsill and fell down, out the window. I hate her. She always stays innocent while I get scolded for what? Clumsiness?

Rachel started drinking as soon as she entered high school. She was only 14! She didn't tell anyone, but I could smell it off her every night. She came home late. Then she would hit me with her studded belt to make me shut up. We were never close anyway. I used to think she's a snob and stuff. But now? She's even worse. She's a liar and a drunk. Not to mention an alcoholic.

Today, she stomped into my room, locked the door and started screaming at me. No one'll ever hear it, since my parents decided to make the room soundproof, because about a year ago, I went on this "Cradle of Filth" craze. (It's a band.) My parents got annoyed at the music. And now, Rachel's using it at her own advantage. At first, she reminds me how worthless I am. I already know that. Then she lashes out at me with her belt. Then she screams that I shouldn't have been her sister. I didn't want to be that in the first place. I block out her voice and concentrate on the lashes instead. After my skin splits and bleeds in a dozen places, she curses out loud and leaves, huffing and puffing. Lucky she didn't get my right arm and hand, so I can still write. Guess I'll have to tend my wounds now.


The narrator's mother came up into the room while she was showering. Beforehand, her bedroom door had a crack in it, so Rachel's screams leaked out. The mother had come in to check out the room. She gave a terrified scream at the sight of the blood-streaked wall. (I suppose she thought the narrator cut herself or something.) But when she read the diary that was left open, she quickly kicked Rachel out and into a police station. And when the narrator came out of the shower, she found out that Rachel was gone from her life.

Dear Diary,

Hello, I think I haven't talked to you for a while. Well, today, I need someone or something to confide in and the best option I had was you.

Anyway, I don't think you can hear it, but hear those screams and the loud thudding noises? The screams are from my single-once-again mom and my eldest brother, Michael. Last time I heard, she was accusing him for drinking too much. But I know Michael's aware of his drinking. He drinks once every hour and I know it's ok. He actually times his drinking. Isn't that cool? Hear the thudding? That's my mom's beer bottle. She actually consumes a whole crate of beer everyday. Talk about hypocrisy. And at dawn every day, Michael and I have this little praying session. We pray for alcohol poisoning or severe brain block out. Not to us, but to mom.

Ouch. Her pitch is getting louder. I hope you're ok in there Michael. I turn my CD player up a lot more.


"Mommy? Why won't dad come home?"

"I'm afraid he's left us dear."

"What about Terry? (He's my other brother.)"

"He's gone with dad. Don't worry they'll be alright. Terry can take care of himself. Now don't ask questions."

Don't ask questions. The golden rule of the house. Later I found out through Michael that Dad divorced us and took Terry with him. I was ok. I didn't like the weird guy I had to call Dad anyway. But Mom took it on the bad side. She started drinking and drinking. And soon, she was an alcoholic. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


I woke up to somebody shaking me. It was Michael. He looked pale and nervous in the moonlight.

"God, (your name) get some of your stuff and get out of here."

"Huh? (I was still sleepy at the time.)"
"We're running away, so shut up and follow me."

And they did.

At first, I thought these were going to come out crappy. But they didn't! At least I think so. Thanks for reading again!