Dark Angel

Dark Angel, see your shining face
Black wings glistening in the shadow
Moonlight hides your seductive grace
Evil eyes are all that don't show

Lonely and lost you feel
Watching the reflection of the silvery orb
Smiles thou art here to steal
Jealousy just makes you sadistic sore

Lustful eyes wander over the seas
For your next victim you thirst
Secretly you wish for this to be
The last one since that ill-fated first

Craving for his touch, his sweet taste
You know you've led him astray
Leave him not in your haste
Afraid you'll be left alone, again to sway

Liberate yourself from this endless cycle
Dark Angel, forgive your hurtful past
The moon is true, not made of nickel
Throw away your ever-fading broken cast

Don't waste your expensive silver tears
Why must you blame your fate?
Hurt not yourself, don't try to peer
When was the last time you could concentrate?

He was just an artificial man
So immature and only wanting lust
Pain you must give only to him if you can
For he left you with broken trust

Why hurt so many, why kill yourself?
Dark Angel, happiness cannot be bought
They all loved you, but now are helpless
Love is easier than you thought

Each star above carries the soul of two hearts
Love isn't valueless when carefully chosen
So bring back your life to the beginning, the start
Hold my hand and walk with me the ocean

Waiting on this bridge, alone I stand today
Dark Angel will you trust my violet eyes?
Walk with me to the edge, listen to what I say
Jump with me, tomorrow never dies...