What has happened to my identity?
Lost in a sea of monotonous ability
Where do I belong in this small world?
Everybody seems to be growing so cold

Woke up today wanting a better tomorrow
I want to let go of all my sorrow
Not wanting to be like anyone at all
Not even myself, I'm too much like a doll

My life is being controlled by a puppeteer
All my limbs are suspended by strings
Watch them pull the chords to me steer
They force me to entertain and sing

My purpose in life has been removed
As they choose for me who to love
Handing me a God, a new religion
Will I ever make my own decisions?

I'm made to fit into the present trend
Makeup artists working on me till the end
They command me to give a bright smile
Polishing me as if I were a floor tile

Expecting from me so much perfection
On failing they refuse to accept me
I can't even protest, have an objection
Would rather die than all this see

Turn my key and watch me dance
I've been put into an untruthful trance
Taking advantage of my sad state
This is why I'm angry, why I hate

Make me do all against my will
I don't collapse, I stand so still
It's easy for you, call it tradition
Controlling over my unfair condition

At least let me watch the moon tonight
I want to ease my troubled soul
But all you let me do is catch one quick sight
My spirit has left me alone in this lonely hole

Once I thought that they were right
Until they broke me, that was the height
Just shattered all my built up dreams
They made me want to cry and scream

I don't want to live for them, their thoughts
But they make me live, in a web I'm caught
They control my every tiny breath
Why can't I have salvation, why not death?

Can I even toss and turn when I sleep?
Or will they tell me I can't do that?
Being chained feels so bad I want to weep
I feel so beaten up, hit by an invisible bat

They work me like a metal machine
Tell me to stop being such a typical teen
Just push the buttons to watch me work
Why do they tell me I'm being such a jerk?

I'm afraid of what they stand for
They take over my life leaving me so sore
Give me back my life, my whole identity
I'm lost without them, need them to attain serenity